1987 Movie, Suspect: Case Fixing by Judges & Lawyers for Bribes and Perks

This past week, in March 2013, I watched on Netflix, the 1987 movie, SUSPECT.

The three prominent stars were CHER (b. 1946), Dennis Quaid (b. 1954) and Liam Neeson (b. 1952).

Suspect is a 1987 mystery/courtroom film drama.

I continue with the Wikipedia-summarized plot, along with my own inserts.

In Washington DC, Carl Wayne Anderson (Liam Neeson) is a homeless, deaf-mute Vietnam veteran accused of murdering Elizabeth Quinn, a file clerk at the Justice Department.

Kathleen Riley (Cher) is the beleaguered D.C. public defender assigned to represent Anderson.

The term public defender is primarily used to refer to a lawyer appointed by the state to represent people who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

The reason why Liam/Carl became a deaf mute as an adult was that at the Veterans Hospital after his tour in Vietnam, he contracted spinal meningitis which destroyed certain cranial nerve integrity.

After this medical tragedy, his personal life went downhill all the way to becoming homeless.

An agribusiness lobbyist who normally works on Capitol Hill, Eddie Sanger (Dennis Quaid), is approved as a member of the jury by Riley despite his attempt to be excused.

Sanger begins investigating the details of the murder himself, eventually teaming up with Riley beyond the observation of the trial’s suspicious judge.

Sanger also keeps busy in his work as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, including his efforts to win passage of a bill by seducing a Congresswoman.

Around Christmas, a United States Supreme Court Justice commits suicide, for which no explanation or context is given.

We only see the Justice making a tape recording and then shooting himself.

Shortly after the suicide, Elizabeth Quinn’s body is found floating in the Potomac River, and Carl Wayne Anderson is arrested for the crime, based almost entirely on the fact that he was seen sleeping in Quinn’s car the night of her murder.

The car was abandoned in the desolate K Street parking lot.

Anderson, it is eventually revealed, found the car unlocked and was just looking for a warm place to sleep since it was the dead of winter.

But since he was homeless, had no alibi, and was also found in possession of Quinn’s wallet, he was arrested for her murder.

Riley finds it difficult to communicate with Anderson, a deaf-mute.

Over time, she begins to penetrate his hard exterior and he tries to cooperate with her efforts to mount a defense for him.

As the investigation by Riley, with unethical assistance from Sanger, intensifies, they begin focusing on Deputy Attorney General Paul Gray (Philip Bosco).

Figuring that a key found on the victim’s body has something to do with the Justice Department (where Quinn worked), Riley and Sanger break into the file department at the Justice Department late one night and try to find what the key unlocks.

They find a file cabinet, which contained trial transcripts from federal cases from 1968 that Quinn was in the process of transcribing.

The trial is conducted by stern federal judge Matthew Helms (John Mahoney).

Helms is rumored to be the President’s nominee for a seat on the prestigious United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Judge Helms begins to suspect that Riley may be collaborating with Sanger, which would be a disbarrable offense of jury tampering, although he does not have concrete proof.

In a law library, Riley and Sanger narrowly avoid being caught by Judge Helms, who sequesters the jury to avoid any possible further contact between Riley and the juror.

Riley and Sanger suspect that Elizabeth Quinn stumbled onto something and look for any case that might have an impropriety.

Fixing a case requires participation from both the prosecutor and the trial judge.

Riley and Sanger think they will find evidence that Gray was a prosecutor on a rigged 1968 case, which would be his motive to murder Quinn if she approached Gray about what she found.

Riley goes back to Quinn’s car (still impounded where it was found in a government parking lot) and finds an audiotape that the police did not uncover in their half-hearted investigation.

The tape is the one made by the Supreme Court Justice who committed suicide.

In it, he confesses to conspiring to fix a case in 1968 (with a politically influential defendant) in return for an appointment from the United States District Court to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Riley assumes the prosecutor on that case was Gray and goes back to the courthouse to retrieve the case book that will confirm this.

She is pursued and attacked by an unseen figure.

With the help of Sanger (who managed to get away from being sequestered by creating a diversion with a fire alarm), Riley is able to slice the right wrist of her assailant, who then flees unseen.

Gray shows up in the courtroom, to the surprise of Judge Helms.

Riley wants the judge to take the stand.

An irate Helms says that Riley cannot make him testify.

Riley reveals that it was Helms, not Gray, who was the prosecutor in the fixed case of 1968.

In exchange for fixing the case, Helms was nominated to the District Court.

Seventeen years later, Quinn inadvertently discovered the case fixing.

At the same time, Helms learned he was a likely nominee for the Court of Appeals.

Quinn approached the Supreme Court Justice, who responded by committing suicide.

When she approached Judge Helms, however, he murdered her.

As the judge angrily bangs his gavel during Riley’s accusation, his right wrist begins to bleed from where Riley slashed him the night before, confirming his identity as the killer.

Riley ends up reinvigorated in her job and in a relationship with Sanger.


The plot above does not cover all the details and intrigue in this story and it is well worth watching.

For a 1987 movie, it actually moves fast and you have to be on the edge of your seat to catch it all.

What I found interesting was at the end of the movie, they ran a little print ad saying that the story in NO way was based on a true case!!!

They seemed to be worried about being sued for LIBEL by the U.S. Justice Department.

This kind of paranoia tells me that the story was likely based on many known cases of judges & lawyers involved in CASE FIXING for perks and/or bribes.

British author Stephen Knight (b. September 1951; d. July 1985), published two controversial books on British freemasonry and its links to the British Royal family.

In 1976, Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution was released and in 1984, The Brotherhood was released.

The first book on Jack the Ripper made the argument that Jack was actually British Queen Vic’s Royal Masonic surgeon who ritually murdered, several East London prostitutes in 1888, based on the penalty for breaking the Masonic blood oath.

The 2001 movie, FROM HELL, starring Johnny Depp really does follow Knight’s idea.

Some say “they/the masons” murdered Knight for the truth he exposed in these books in terms of the legal, political, educational & medical systems being run covertly, hence corruptly by secret societies.

They apparently used on him, very elite weaponry to induce a brain tumor (e.g., harmonics, electromagnetic pulses, maybe a micro-chip coded to create cancer such as a bought-off dentist could insert in a dental filling, etc.) in Knight, and he died while he was still 33 years old.

A few years ago, I sourced and read both of Knight’s infamous books on the dangers of political freemasonry that is high-degreed freemasonry.

There is NO doubt that in the English-speaking countries outside of MOTHER ENGLAND and that includes the United States and Canada where I live & write from—have LEGAL SYSTEMS now controlled by secret societies and freemasonry which is the KEY to all the corruption that now rules our modern, secular-humanism-based NOT-TRUE-LAW-BASED, legal, court & policing systems.

This is actually seen in the DOUBLE SPEAK shown by the Illuminati who used their Hollywood e-Mein Kampf movies to hide their true intel in plain view,—in this 1987 movie,—where the JUDGE who is involved in FIXING a case against homeless man when it was he who was the real murderer of actually two people in the end,—is a RITUAL murderer.

This guilty judge, murdered a woman and a homeless man using the ritual Masonic technique of cutting their throats from ear to ear, from left to right which is the penalty for a freemason who has broken the blood oath.

Hence both were occult, or ritual homicides.

This guilty judge close to the end of the movie tries to ritually murder, CHER the public defender lawyer because she was figuring out that he was the guilty party.

What makes me smile is that one of the JURORS, a Capitol Hill lobbyist for the American dairy farmers and a Don Juan political wheeler/dealer, DENNIS QUAID, is the one who helped Cher figured things out,—because Cher as a female lawyer was not observant or knowledgeable enough in that she had few private investigator skills or nerve to risk her life to get at facts.

As my own lawyer here in Western Canada for seven years now, that is I have run two trials and two appeals, and many court applications—what one needs is FACTS to win in a criminal court and one has to become very creative in getting at these facts when the corruption you are fighting is found in the government itself, not just the justice sector, but the medical sector, etc.

Yes, I actually have been trapped for years, in a plot that is very similar to this 1987 movie plot.

It took until the fall of 2012 for a federal police officer to report that case fixing was happening and hence judges were taking bribes and/or perks in my case but this had happened before,—- in both my trials and appeals of 2007 & 2008 which involved buying off EIGHT judges!!!

The first trial in the spring of 2007, the female, federally-appointed judge and the opposing lawyer along with a court psychologist colluded to FIX MY CASE and this was fully proven in my appeal around a year later and of course my appeal was dismissed because I had proven case fixing beyond a reasonable doubt.

The female trial judge filed her corrupted verdict against me in August 2007 and on September 1, 2007 she moved from the family law court to our province’s APPEAL COURT—that was her perk for case fixing.

I don’t think she lasted a year there, because after the three female Appeal Court judges, heard my appeal in April 2008, they knew the inside story and likely they no longer trusted their new “sister” judge.

I have spent years lobbying our provincial government, in particular our Attorney General to stop the CASE FIXING, the offering & taking of bribes and perks involving judges whether federally-appointed or provincially-appointed judges (in my case in the past 3 years three provincial court judges case-fixed vs. me and their names are on the applications they approved or denied) and  involving lawyers and court psychologists and government Social Workers.

Remember in the 1987 movie plot, that before judges become judges they are LAWYERS.

So if they did dirt as lawyers, it could affect their climb up the judicial ladder of legal system fame.

So here in this Canadian province, I continue to lobby the Attorney General and our Members of the Legislative Assembly to clean up the corruption that has eaten the heart of out of our legal system in terms of the citizens’ constitutional human rights for a FAIR TRIAL,—and it has to start with the stopping of the interference by SECRET SOCIETIES, such as high-degreed freemasonry and/or the Masonic sisterhood the Daughters of the Eastern Star where the latter has become very powerful as a female white collar professional group.

If a male judge is a freemason, and hence vulnerable to CASE FIXING, if the defendant is also a brother or sister freemason,—he may NOT take a bribe or perk based on his character.

A female judge who is freemasonic, I have found in my legal case is much more suggestible to take bribes or perks because females’ minds are wired differently than males,—they are more corruptible.

Then we must never forget that in order for a judge to agree to FIX A CASE, the lawyer defending the guy or gal they want to get off the hook is also involved in the CASE FIXING.

This was so obvious in my case, for my opposing lawyer was a small city male lawyer and he was NOT a good trial lawyer and had no facts like I did—yet he won both trials with ease,—and he acted during both trials as if he had already won and the female judges’ winking & blinking at him and his guilty client were all too obvious in the favoritism.

This is our British-based, Court of Queen’s Bench kangaroo courts of the 21st century at their best in Canada—now we just need to provide the colluding trial judge a basket of rotten tomatoes, which she can throw at the lawyer & client who are NOT providing her with bribes and perks.

Colluding and case fixing are NO SHELF LIFE criminal offences but in our province, judges cannot be sent to prison (it is best they voluntarily resign if caught in this kind of criminal behaviour) but lawyers can go to prison.

So the old lawyer for the guilty client in my legal case, —he himself is still not off the hook if our Attorney General orders an investigation into the FIXED TRIALS in my case and this is easy to do with the help of my massive trial APPEAL BOOKS stored at our capitol city’s Court of Appeal library.

For my first trial in the spring of 2007, they went way beyond collusion and case fixing for bribes and perks because when the corrupted legal system cabal (whether Masonic or not) found out that I was appealing the judge’s corrupted verdict,—in the fall of 2007, they went into the computer hard drive used to digitally record my trial, and randomly DELETED up to one-third of my trial’s oral e-evidence and they used VOICE IMPRINT TECHNOLOGY to re-speak, hence re-write for the trial transcripts, the incriminating testimony of the colluding, bribed court psychologist.

This was proven by me at appeal BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, and the distraught trio of female appeal court judges knew that I had prepared my appeal so thoroughly that the evidence found there in would stand up in any criminal trial in the future.

What kind of craziness or malignant narcissism is this that such an unheard of Canadian legal system felony was committed to cause my appeal TO FAIL (in many places the trial transcripts were unreadable they were so moth-eaten and apparently the court clerk who did the digital recording at my trial was a 20 year veteran),—they committed criminal MISCHIEF with trial data (electronic) and they fabricated new evidence via electronic mischief—this would have taken the power of a judge to do this kind of electronic sabotage.

I petitioned the court by late 2007 after I received my ruined typed trial transcripts, knowing what had happened since I myself am a WHITE COLLAR PROFESSIONAL (trained too well in looking for the details as a doctor) to call in the federal police experts in DIGITAL FORENSICS, to examine my trial’s hard drive for tampering and the COURT REFUSED!!!

Ahhh, the mills of God grind exceedingly slowly but in the end they grind exceedingly fine.

In the above 1987 movie plot, the first judge who had made it to the Appeal Court level via a case-fixing PERK and then made it through 17 years of being honored as a high court judge, before a lowly court clerk found the damning evidence of his 1968 judicial felony.

And they got the colluding lawyer of this 1968 judicial felony at the same time,—since he was about to make it as a judge into the Appeal Court status.

Do you, the trial judges and lawyers involved in my case think TIME is your friend here?

And the opposing lawyer involved in case-fixing is not the only one, who may end up in the hoosegow, but other corrupted lawyers of the various white collar professional associations who became involved in my case where they were/still are protecting a male professional who is a valid, homicidal, paranoid schizophrenic, multiple-personality-disordered pedophile with access to mind-altering drugs.

So this is not at all a small potatoes case because the defendant appears to be a member of a white collar CHILD ABUSE NETWORK,—of the ilk they are flushing out in the United States regularly now,— where the moneyed, power-player group BRIBE family law judges and/or senior Social Workers to pervert justice and give known pedophiles custody of minor children and/or get them access to foster children.

This involves the lucrative black budget ops which includes child trafficking, creation & sales of KIDDY PORN, BESTALITY PORN AND RITUAL PORN, along with too many rich, co-ed, white collar professional covens needing child victims for RITUAL ABUSE purposes.

So as Solomon stated in Ecclesiastes, THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.

Whether, the child abuse network of the elite is found in Georgia, Nebraska or Saskatchewan,—it is still highly criminal in the North American citizens’ eyes,—-not all daddies screw their children or mommies sell their children into a child abuse project run by the governments’ secret services.

Here in my province, people still believe in justice for all, including minor children.

They will want JUDGES and LAWYERS taking bribes or perks for case fixing brought to justice, stat!

The last federally-appointed, Canadian judge who was said to have taken a bribe or perk to case-fix an outcome vs. me, in my case in October 2012, was apparently a prominent lawyer in the early 1990s Martensville child ritual abuse scandal who defended the “alleged” suspect ritual child abusers.

I do not think the freemasons want this kind of DIRT associated with their community-first model.


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