East Siberian Arctic Continental Shelf Burping Off Massive Methane Right Now

Bathymetric/topographic map of the Arctic Ocean and the surrounds

On April 27, 2013, an AboveTopSecret article was posted online about Arctic Ocean methane gas being a possible cause of climate change which appears to be what is happening to North America right now.

The above pic is shot from above the NORTH POLE area and one can see the East Siberian Shelf and its proximity to Alaska.

After a weird winter (fall 2012 to spring 2013) here in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan, we still have not experienced our historical WARM spring weather which begins in April because most of April 2013 we still had massive amounts of residual icy snow on the ground.

Also the huge waves of migratory waterfowl flying over our area this spring usually beginning by late March and intensely so most of April has NOT occurred,—it appears that most of these huge flocks ducks and geese flying to the northern breeding grounds have lost their way due to flying into HOSTILE electro-magnetic fields which are clinging to our skies right now.

This kind of NO migratory bird wave in the spring has NEVER occurred before in my area of Saskatchwan.

This morning, Monday, April 29, 2013, I woke up to a WINTER WONDERLAND where in the wee hours of the morning several inches of very wet snow fell and covered up the ground that had finally been exposed to warm temperatures in the past few days.

The province of Saskatchewan has 40% of all arable land in Canada so hence it is the bread basket of this vast country.

Since the globalists destroyed via economic warfare, most of our smaller acreage, little mixed farms, we now have a few farmers with large tracts of land with big bank loans, who chemically factory farm and they have to start seeding by May 1st to get all their land seeded.

What can we expect for May and the short summer we have to grow food crops up here at the 52nd latitude north?

I think this is where the ATS article linked above gives us some clues.

I think there are more reasons for this climate change than cited in the ATS article, but the METHANE gas burping issue up in the East Siberian Arctic shelf and even in the deep sea areas,— is telling.

It tells me that these bubbles up to 1 km in width which are reaching the water surface—-are likely being released due to earth crust continuity disruptions which HAARP and ELF wave pinging can do.

The article directed the reader to the AL GORE-globalist-led argument since the 1990s—-that is greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions are connected to the warming trend of equatorial oceans and these warmer currents end up mixing with the colder Arctic ocean waters,—and the argument is that the resultant higher temperatures in the Arctic seas are destabilizing the methane hydrate and FREE GAS pockets.

As well, the warmer Arctic seas have melted the ice cap over this East Siberian Arctic shelf which is the largest in the world (almost 1000 miles with very shallow waters (100 meters).

Although I think that this would aid in methane gas expansion and maybe some escape of this gas from its honeycombed caves within the ocean bed floor,—-it is not a full explanation to the massive methane free gas escape from the Arctic ocean floor into the earth’s atmosphere right now.

The East Siberian Arctic Shelf is not so far from the Alaska HAARP station.

Also from that  2011 vid I put up in one of my blogs last week with 6.5 million views—showed a model of an earth with a quarter removed like in an orange and it explained how the top layers (our earth’s crust & mantle) can slip relative to the layer below it and when it begins to slip it can go a full 180 degrees, moving the North Pole to the South Pole location and vice versa—this is called a POLE SHIFT and this can happen in a matter of hours or days.

They also mention in the link below that the pole shift/mantel shift could be gradual and hence less cataclysmic; Albert Einstein said in 1955 that a pole shift has happened before in earth’s history.

Recent science publications have affirmed that at one time Alaska was located at the equator.

This then does not rule out that the mantel under our feet may be slowly slipping right now.

The above YouTube is titled: Illuminati 2013 End of World Conspiracy Predictions.

A sudden pole shift will cause earth cataclysmic geological events and severe weather patterns.

The ATS article tells us that scientists are warning that this massive methane gas escape in the Arctic is pushing our earth into an imminent, massive climate change model.

The author than sites other weird things that have been happening related to our earth’s atmosphere and weird weather patterns especially in 2012 and 2013,—like more and more off-gassing sinkholes appearing, explosions, disease outbreaks, sky noises, sonic booms, light flashes, fireballs, mysterious deaths (like birds falling out of the sky in full flight, dead prior to impact with their organs liquefied) and super-charged weather events such as wild blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes.

What makes me smile is that he/she on ATS just described the ECO-TERRORISM free fall which chem. trail spraying, HAARP (an electro-magnetic-field-changing god wand) and ELF wave pinging can create.

The increasing free methane gas in our atmosphere is not the cause directly I believe but a result of geo-engineering ops and it feeds the CHAIN REACTION now of climate change.

And the globalists like the WIZARDS OF OZ are holed up in their many Emerald Palaces world-wide (HAARP stations both above ground and below ground), like weather-witching mad scientists, creating many of the weather/climate anomalies sited above,— using their elite TESLA-based technology—creating weather into a weapon against the world’s masses.

So Dorothy, WE are not in KANSAS anymore!

The globalists have been funding and fueling those B747 tanker planes, to spray CHEM TRAILS in our skies regularly.

In Saskatchewan in the area where I live (farming country) they have been intensely chem. trail spraying our skies for the past three years.

These chem. trails contain the metallic ions of barium and aluminum which dance to the various ionizing frequencies of HAARP, which some globalist SPOOK beams up nearby (there is a HAARP field and a linear particle accelerator related to our nearby city’s university’s physics research op) and pollutes our prairies skies with electro-magnetic SMOG.

The HAARP billion-watt microwaves not only cause the aerosolized metallic ions to DANCE and rearrange themselves into unique (fingerprint) cloud formations that act like environment antennae for radio waves,—but they create a huge bubble in earth’s ionosphere.

Off the arc of the artificial bubble in the ionosphere, they can ping ELF WAVES and these energies are directed back to earth which then can create earthquakes, dance tornados around, move hurricanes inland or offshore, create winter storms, drought, floods AND with persistence, CLIMATE CHANGE and this eco-terrorism op can be used in MIND CONTROL of targeted populations and well as cause artificial disease.

There globalists have actually used chem. trail spraying and HAARP decades before it became public knowledge in the 1990s when the Alaskan HAARP station was officially opened in a public way.

But I heard that up in our remote areas in Northern Saskatchewan they were already fooling around with chem. trail spraying by the 1980s.

By the 1980s, moral scientists were already reporting that the inner core of the earth which is like a super LODE stone and creates our earth’s electro-magnetic field without which we would not have LIFE on earth (THE SUN becomes our enemy without a protective, earth-surrounding E-M field and an intact ionosphere),—was wearing out like a garment and was losing strength rapidly.

This is still the case—as the inner core loses its E-M charge AND the globalists for at least 30 years have been intensely HAARPING (in Russia it is known as scalar and they had this TESLA technology working in their experiments likely post-WWII) AND ELF wave pinging our skies around the world,—which has brought the earth’s heartbeat (measured as electro-magnetic resonances within the atmosphere just above the earth’s crust and fueled by lightning discharging), known as the SCHUMANN RESONANCE pounding up to a breakneck speed,—from about its historical 8 hertz in the 1980s,—to now about 11 hertz.

If the Schumann Resonance reaches 13 hertz,—-it will stop the earth’s rotation and they say this is zero point magnetic field.

The earth will STAND STILL for 3 days during which a POLE SHIFT will occur and then start rotating again, but in the opposite direction.

According to some, the earth is passing through a photon field right now as well which they say is another contributing factor to the increase in the Schumann Resonance (SR).

However, I truly believe that the globalists’ mega ECO TERRORISM ops as described above are the main culprit to the dangerous SR-based heart beat speed of the earth right now.

They even show what can be possible in their Hollywood e-Mein Kampf movie, like the KNOWING (Neflix; 2009), where the MIT-astro-physicist-(Nicholas Cage)-predicted super flare (coronal mass ejection) completely destroyed earth’s ionosphere and hence the earth BY FIRE.

Actually based on the size of a HAARP-induced linear tear in the ionosphere, it could allow a solar flare to come through and burn up say a third of earth’s trees and all the green grass (Revelations 8:7).

This is one of the HUGE ecological dangers of using HAARP which creates artificial bubbles in the ionosphere—and if they err and RIP it open—there will be a devastating FIRE BALL event.

And now we have free METHANE gas escaping in ONE CUBIC KILOMETER BURPS from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf,—which if IGNITED (say by a military helicopter missile) would blow up like a 1000 hydrogen bombs.

After the staged sabotage on April 20, 2010 of British Petroleum’s DEEPWATER HORIZON floating oil rig, 44 km offshore from the coast of Louisiana,—they really couldn’t properly cap the resultant GUSHER (oil, natural gas, methane gas, etc.) in the ocean floor related to this drilled deep sea oil well.

And this gusher is likely still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and it is siphoning off fossil fuels and related gases such as METHANE and hydrogen sulfide—both very FLAMMABLE gases,—-from the honey-combed earth’s crust below Louisiana’s salty, swampy BAYOU country—appearing to collapse certain areas.

This is why I think that big SINKHOLE appeared in Louisiana in 2012 which is burping off these dangerous gases into the sky.

If they want to BLOW UP Louisiana all they have to do is light on fire a sink hole like this.

It now is time to reverse the reel-to-reel projector in the theatre that the globalists have built for the whole world to sit in and WATCH as they foolishly conduct their fiery eco-terrorism ops,—and get the frame back to before the TORNADO hit the farm in KANSAS where little Dorothy lived and write on the silvery projection screen, THE END.

The globalists are worshippers (Lucifer) before they are politicians and their 1939 (3×13) movie THE WIZARD OF OZ is still their e-Mein Kampf template for global take-over, in allegory form.

GOD HELP US to help ourselves and STOP the globalists!



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