Prince William Crowned Cloven Hoofed Lamb King of the World, 2013?

The Silence of the Lambs poster.jpg

Yesterday, Monday, April 29, 2013 was the two year wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton (Catherine Elizabeth), who is to give birth to the first British Royal offspring of this union in July 2013.

There is a picture of Prince William (22) in casual dress holding a lamb while extending its hind cloven hoof to the camera man.

Prince William Windsor was induced to be born on June 21, 1982, which is the ritual date of the summer solstice.

I like the movie poster pic above for the 1991 movie, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS where the orange & brown moth, which is iconic for the MONARCH BUTTERFLY morphed into a moth,— seals the mouth of the star FBI agent.

This is double speak for,–keet silent about your trauma-based/Satanic-Ritual-Abuse-based MONARCH mind control programming (induced MPD or multiple personality disorder-ed condition).

This is one of the reasons I think that the British Royals bumped off Prince Willie’s mom, Diana when he was 15 (traumatizing for him)—she was no longer going to keet silent about the dreadful secrets of the British Royals and also the fact that Prince William had been programmed as a boy under Monarch, hence he is a controllable MPD, with a handler.

His front alter represeents a wonderful, handsome, energetic, talented, hard-working young male with the kind sweetness of his deceased mother.

On June 21, 2013, Prince William will turn 31, and in witches’ backward masking where they flip 31 to mean 13, which means we have a ritual birthday coming up.

Prince William will be 33 years old in 2015 and that his Jesus Christ’s death age.

The antichrist of the Bible’s 66th book, the last book called Revelations,—is to make his debut as a global dictator on earth in her last days as a MAN OF PEACE, like a LAMB but with the hidden evil of a cloven hoof.

He may be KING number eight; seven kings have come before him and apparently President Obama is the 7th king,—-but William apparently will be crowned KING OF THE WORLD and he likely will be the direct dictator of the United States, hence you might think of him now as U.S. President Windsor.

Before you read some excerpts from the above link pasted in below, please understand that I know that many believe that the antichrist cited in Revelations will be a POPE such as the newly elected Roman Catholic Jesuit Pope Francis however other Bible escatology experts think he will assist the antichrist in establishing global rule for LUCIFER and will be known as the FALSE PROPHET, one who is ecumenical AND Pope Francis is!

“On May 31st 2004, the Rothschild-controlled Associated Press, published a photograph worldwide, taken by Alistar Grant.

 The photo shows Prince William posing with a lamb like Jesus Christ, who the Bible calls the Lamb of God.

 What is the significance of this photograph?

 To the unaware observer, the photograph is perfectly innocent.

 But to insiders familiar with the Protocols of Zion, Freemasonry and the Book of Revelation, William is identified in the photo as the antichrist.

The antichrist has been described in art and literature as a handsome and charming and a master of lies and deception.

 Freemasons call him the Baphomet, or Goat of Mendes. He is commonly illustrated with cloven hind hooves.

“Why is Prince William holding up a cloven hind hoof in the photograph?”


Many in the past 20 years, have thought that it was Prince Charles who was being groomed ritually, to become the final antichrist.

Some say that it was elderly Prince Philip who sired Prince William,—born of beautiful and good Lady Diana who the Illuminati Royals ritually homicide-ed like a 1888 East London whore on August 31, 1997, and that he was not sired by her husband Prince Charles.,_Duke_of_Cambridge

It is apparent from the above Illuminati-controlled online history of Prince William that he has been provided with a well-rounded education and a career in the military, while having made many trips since a babe abroad, involving public relations and likely other covert ops related to the rituals necessary to create him into a spiritual world leader.

Also note in the above link, that based on an alleged accident involving a boy peer and a swinging golf club, in 1991, at the age of NINE, he was admitted into a British hospital and surgery was allegedly done for a depressed skull fracture (he did not lose consciousness when his the other boy hit him with a club), for which he sports a SCAR today.

This could have been the excuse his Tavistock programmers/handlers needed to implant a micro-chip in his brain since the Monarch programming ops from the 1970s to date, became far more elite then their parent MKULTRA op because they used harmonics to seal in the programming and for someone to DEPROGRAM they would require the exact electronic key (DARPA).

4. Princess Diana herself referred to the British royal family as “lizards” and “literally not human”.

[4]. The popular princess went so far as to publicly refer to the British House of Windsor as “lizards” and “reptiles.” “They’re not human,” she said. [5] Diana grew to believe that the British monarchy, with all its hidden power, were her enemies. [6]. In Great Britain, all members of MI5, MI6 (British intelligence agencies), members of Parliament, and military officers swear an oath of loyalty to the monarchy, not to the United Kingdom. [5] [6]. In the U.K., the monarchy is the state. By revealing royal family secrets, Diana may have been committing “treason.” (Extract from a good article entitled: Diana Was the Target).


They ritually homicide-ed Lady Di, on August 31, 1997 and on March 30, 2002, they allowed the physical death of the host body of the Queen Mum (the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, born April 21, 1926) who died at the age of 101, (b. August 4, 1990).

But her fallen angel alters did not die with her but moved on to family line offspring.

The Illuminati have spent centuries line-breeding their 13 global Illuminati bloodlines so that the British Royals will always have specially selected demon possession of their DNA.

This means that both the mothers and fathers for all British Illuminati Royal breedings will have these elite bloodlines, which relate to the serpent and/or dragon cult genetics and which really are FALLEN ANGEL x human DNA blood-lines (Genesis Six).

The above link was posted 2002 after the British Queen Mum’s death and I think they have many details right EXCEPT they chose the wrong British royal as the soon-&-coming Antichrist—most now reject that Prince Charles is the one, but many vote for young, handsome, Lady-Di-like-peace-loving Prince William.

I think the following excerpts from this excellent Cutting Edge article do hold the truth and that Prince Charles was busy doing RITUALS after his grandmother’s death but I think he may have been accompanied by his son, Prince William (20), in 2002 and the latter was the one who may have ended up RITUALLY prepared for his coming role of global Antichrist.

And the huge dragon was cast down and out — that age-old serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, he who is the seducer (deceiver) of all humanity the world over; he was forced out and down to earth, and his angels were flung out with him.” [Revelation 12:9]

Satan is a serpent!

That is what this verse truly says.

He is “that age-old serpent” whose name is “the Devil and Satan”!

Thus, it was no surprise that Satan appeared in the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Consistent with this Biblical teaching, occultists boldly state that Satan is a Reptilian; further, they say that the most powerful demonic possession possible is with demons who have a Reptilian form.

Keep this in mind, for it will be most important later on.

” Britain’s Prince Charles is to visit Transylvania on Friday, [May 3, 2002] two weeks after the last surviving descendant of Count Dracula advertised for a noble English heir to carry on the line made famous by his blood-sucking ancestor.

Blogger’s insert: Ironically this coming Friday is May 3, 2013, eleven years after Prince Charles going to Transylvania on the same date & day but in 2002.

The heir to the British throne is to tour the mediaeval town of Sighisoara, near to where the Romanian authorities are building a Dracula theme park, Mediafax news agency reported on Thursday …

The 60-hectare park is based on the fictional blood-sucking count created by Irish novelist Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel, Dracula, which was inspired by the Romanian 15th-century prince Vlad the Impaler.”

“The self-proclaimed last surviving descendant of Count Dracula said last month he was seeking a blue-blooded English heir to carry on the family line.

Ottomar Rodolphe Vlad Dracula Prince Ketzulesco … was himself adopted in 1987 by Prince Ketzulesco, the last living member of Vlad the Impaler’s family … the 62-year-old said he would seek an English lord or lady “who might want to become part of the family and carry on the line”.

But not a commoner, he insisted. ‘We would like to adopt — but a real prince or princess.

I cannot just take anyone from the street’, he told Britain’s Independent newspaper.

‘They must be nobles and should be younger than me, obviously. It would be a great advantage if they could have children too’. Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, is 53 and has two sons by the late Princess Diana.”

Blogger’s Insert: This author thought the adoptee was Charles when it likely was his son William.

A quick check to Cohen’s book, Antichrist And A Cup of Tea, reveals that Prince Charles is a descendent of Count Dracula [Page 77], while the listing of the website, above, also lists Prince Charles as being descended from the Romanian family of which the father of the original Dracula was a part.

It is a most powerful satanic location, deeply rooted in the occult for hundreds of years.

While most Americans and Europeans have come to view Count Dracula and the Vampire legend of which he is a part as just innocent fantasy, occultists have a very different view.

They know that Vampires are real — really demons — that do possess human beings.

Vampire demons are Reptilians and wield the most potent power for the highest level practicing Satanists.

These vampire demons do drink human blood, and lots of it.

In fact, the occultist views the fulfillment of Revelation 20:4 as being carried out by vampire demons over-running the world during the time of Antichrist.

Let us view this verse:

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands…”

Black Magick occultists view this beheading as one of the major evidences of reptilian vampire demons running amok over the earth during the time of Antichrist, for huge quantities of blood gush out instantly when a person is beheaded.

Does the Bible foretell that huge numbers of demons shall be set loose upon the earth during this time of Tribulation?

It certainly does: Revelation 9:1-11; Revelation 9:13-19.

Most commentators believe the latter verse to be the number of troops marching from the East, probably from China, to attack Israel; we concur.

However, it is within the realm of possibility that an equal number of the demonic host would be released at the very time the Chinese Army begins it move with 200 million men.

Thus, in the mind of the occultist, the demonic host encouraging this beheading would be vampire demons, giving them insatiable appetites for human blood.

Blogger’s Insert: The globalists have been covertly bringing into the United States via the military many guillotine units—and this will be for PUBLIC SQUARE human beheadings, which will be a lesson to the sheople to obey the local one world government.

What was Charles doing here at Dracula’s Castle?

That is anyone’s guess, except, one can only wonder if he were participating in a high-level occult ritual designed to call forth the spirit of Antichrist into Prince Charles?

We know that members of the Thule Society held secret rituals for the express purpose of calling forth the Spirit of Antichrist into Adolf Hitler, and that they did so not too long before Hitler embarked on his public campaign to ascend to the office of German Chancellor [Trevor Ravenscroft, “The Spear of Destiny“]

However, former Black Magick Satanist, and former Mother of Darkness, Cisco Wheeler, sheds even more light on this subject: Queen Mum has recently died and she was part of the Illuminist Generational Witchcraft of the House of Windsor.

In fact, this Satanism has long been so pronounced for so many generations that the entire Windsor family has been possessed by Reptilians for these many generations.

Therefore, Queen Mum was possessed of a Reptilian spirit.

As soon as she died, her Reptilian spirit became disembodied, and would desire to live in another human body.

Blogger’s insert: In this article, the author thinks that it was grandson Charles on March 30, 2002, that received granny’s master demon/fallen angel empowerment energies but many now think, it was the 20 year old great grandson, William who did!

Thus, Prince Charles visited a most deeply occult secret society monastery, arriving on an occult day — Orthodox Easter, May 5, 2002. What was he doing here?

Cisco said that, after going through the ritual at Dracula’s Estate, he would need a period of rest, of respite, in which his human body can fully incorporate such a newly powerful demonic host.

These two visits, on May 3 and May 5, 2002 makes complete sense if this dramatic new demonic infilling were really occurring!

On these dates, a spiritual, occult equilateral triangle formed inside Prince Charles, greatly strengthening him at this point in time.

Blogger’s Insert: Either his son Prince William (20) was with him on these ritual trips and was the one receiving the demon anointing or Prince Charles like a witch’s black cat was acting as a live TALISMAN for these demons and once home in England, at will, his son William could absorb his father’s resident demonic energies or he will receive them upon his father’s DEATH.

Hemlock Grove Titlecard.jpg

There is a TV series on Netflix titled, Hemlock Grove (2012; 13 episodes) which I watched recently and was strongly impressed to its veracity as to what is really happening to some degree, in many towns and cities in North America under the domination of some Illuminati corporation and/or bloodline.

This fictitious town in Pennsylvania (think Transylvania) is dominated by a family line’s business interests (GODFREY) which began with a STEEL MILL and ended up with being the residence of a global corporation home office with expertise in many medical advancements, one being genetic engineering (producing human x animal hybrids and human x fallen angel hybrids).

The downtown corporate research center is built phallic-like and reaching high into the sky like the Tower of Babel.

The plot includes characters with certain ROMANIAN gypsy bloodlines where their youth look and act like ordinary American kids but with the occult powers of their European bloodlines.

And of course there are shape-shifting were wolves and vampires in the plot.

The big covert project of the medical arm of the GODFREY family industries is called OROBORUS, which is iconic of the Illuminati’s dragon/serpent/snake encircling the globe with its tail in its mouth.

Likely it represented the successful creation of a human x fallen angel hybrid.

Those that become mentally disturbed in the town are the ones who have seen THE DRAGON.

In the end, they show that certain of the town have been involved in very selective breeding projects.

It shows the demonic energy transference from one demonized relative to another.

The TV series shows some graphic Satanic rituals and these scenes are not for the naïve & innocent to watch.

They even show the light side of necrophilia practised by a disturbed female teen.

But because they continue to use Hollywood to glorify this kind of EVIL especially to our youth, even making it appear common place and somewhat natural,—it likely is happening for real right now all over the world.



2 thoughts on “Prince William Crowned Cloven Hoofed Lamb King of the World, 2013?

  1. I agree with your view. The way how I see things unfolding is in the following:
    1948, Israel becomes independent and this is to go in line with Daniel about the recognition of Israel as a nation. Daniel continues stating that when this happens, it will take 70 weeks to the day that the Messiah will come. Simply add 1948 and 70. This takes you to 2018.

    The same Daniel speaks of the 7 days agreement signed to the end of the 70 weeks. To find out when this is probably submitted you do the following: 2018-7=2011

    Now Daniel says that the 7 day agreement will be stopped in the middle and thus; 7 – 3.5 =3.5 Meaning that 2011 + 3.5 = mid 2015

    To agree with you here, in 2015 Prince William will turn 33 years of age. At the meantime, what is happening is that Pope Francis is the false prophet who is helping to prepare the scene. Remember that within the children of Jacob, we have the tribe of Dan which is not welcome before God Almighty – YWH. The descendants of Dan still exist and I assume the windsor is one of them. This tribe needs a levite to offer sacrifices to God on their behalf. Since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the geneology of the levites was destroyed. However, in the doings, the Vatican represents this and that is why it is always alongside the windsor.

    So, on the 8th of June 2014 Pope Francis will meet with Shimon Perez and Mahamoud Abbas in Vatican to make some final touches over the Tomb of David which on its top is what is believed to be the Upper room where Yehoshuah had His last supper with the 12 disciples.

    I am a black African and living in an area where misinformation is very common and everybody is busy looking for means of satisfying their needs. I know that this is how the whole world has been manipulated so that many people do not have time to think and interpret their environment in line with God’s promises.

    However, God has given me wisdom to be able to see and bring bits of world happenings together and alert those who are asleep. I suffer a lot and it is not easy to find space to write or teach many people. However, whosoever reads this, please make sure that you are hearing this because you are chosen by Jesus and you should straighten your life with God right now. I wish I could travel and teach people out to different places but I have been struck by the flood of the enemy. Remember that there was a time when Herod wanted to kill Jesus while a baby.

    The same has happened to me. I carry this important Message to the world about the false prophet and the coming liar in a short time. I live in a poor region, full of HIV/AIDS and hunger. I personally was told that I have HIV/AIDS. I was not shocked because I knew what will happen to my life in the coming days and years. I see my body as a clothing of myself (Spirit).

    This disease has made my clothing ragged and I see it as a flood poured to get all those who are chosen to bring the truth. I have been in sins and have discovered with help from the Holy Spirit that I carry important message. God has forgiven me and is sending me out.

    If you are reading this just know that you are the luckiest person alive and your chances are high to be part of the great wheat harvest of the sower. I wish I could go to many countries including Israel and teach about what I see and help many people.

    I am sorry if anyone of you feels offended with my writings. However, I urge you to repent from your sins. Jesus is ready to forgive you right away. We are running short of time that as He said in the interpretation of the 10 virgins, there is a time of no mercy coming. You do not want to be left behind.

    Since Jesus loves you, He also loves me. I also love you.

    Help me to alert many people if you can.


  2. Look. You yourself are being deceived you have really disappointed my attempt to get some valid information. I am tired of reading conspiracy theory mixed with nonsensical Bible quotes. It makes every single thing you say subject and fallible. Read Genesis 6:4 and read Luke 3. The Nephilim were men. Son’s of ‘men’ were ‘Godless’ descendants of Cain. Son’s of ‘God’ were descendants of Abel and righteous. They were all humans. Where do you see this story of fallen Angel reptilians having relationships with God’s creation? Don’t try to interpret God’s Word for him please. Numbers 13:33, Joshua 14:15. The Anakites were descendants of the Nephilim who were all MEN. Before I go any further would you please read the scriptures properly for yourself and stop listening to other people’s false doctrine of sin and making up what is not in God’s Holy written Word. Secondly – I am not going to give you a Bible study but please understand that God created humans in His image with reproductive organs to Multiply – after marriage (Matthew 22:30.) There is no where in the Bible that God said Demons who are fallen Angels can produce any thing with God’s children.

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