Deceased Saskatoon Psychiatrist, MKULTRA Programmer of Delta Assassins?

The above pic is of Saskatchewan’s serial killer, Victor Ernest Hoffman (b. 1946; d. 2004) who fatally shot nine family members residing in the Shell Lake, Saskatchewan area, on August 15, 1967.

Victor was 21-year-old farm boy at the time of his murder spree, who was born and raised near Kilwinning, Saskatchewan.

This village is located around 37 miles north-north-east of where I was born in 1952 and raised as a farm girl, which was Rosthern, Saskatchewan.

From April 2009 and to October 2012, I blogged intensely to awake the Saskatchewan sheople about the dangers of MKULTRA and now MONARCH torture-based/Satanic-Ritual-Abuse-based mind control programming which expertise was ferried over to North America by the CIA post-WWII from the Nazi German concentration camps’ medical experimentations.

As well, many of these Canadian and American MKULTRA programmed multiples (induced MPDs) are alive today, with their programming for serial sex offending and serial killing intact.

Victor may have been born with the genetic predisposition to paranoid schizophrenia but he was also born into an era where in Canada, many medical physicians, psychiatrists and researchers were recruited to look for “patients” which really became “victims” of our government’s op known as criminal MKULTRA, but labelled behavioural modification experimentation.

In the 1950s and 1960s, what MKULTRA programming ops in N.A. really were, were covert criminal government ops run by respective secret services (in the U.S. it was the CIA and in Canada, it was the federal police controlled by the British MI6 and the CIA) and funded by powerful global corporations owned by the Illuminati who fomented, funded and made fortunes from both 20th century world wars.

The CIA picked in Canada both major urban programming sites as well as those located in hinterlands like Western Canada’s Bible-belt and farming province of Saskatchewan.

They also involved the military-industrial complex as programming sites.

Always inmates in provincial & federal prisons as well as inmates of psychiatric hospitals were considered expendable medical guinea pigs, to help sharpen their ax when using the normal public as guinea pigs.

Their mantra to sell the Canadian federal government on mind control programming which involves gross human rights atrocities often committed by white collar professionals,—was that normal minor children who were tapped for MKULTRA and now Monarch torture-based/Satanic-Ritual-Abuse-based mind control programming, was that all this kidnapping of children or enabler parents’ selling their children into the project,—was based on national security reasons since once they fractured the targeted child victims, the resultant MPDs (multiple personality disorder) could be programmed to become useful as super spies, super soldiers, super athletes, drug mules, Delta assassins, Theta (psychic) assassins and beta sex slaves where the latter TO DATE are being wasted on the lucrative, black-budget-op-driven child and youth sex crime trades, involving human trafficking and the making & selling of very lucrative kiddy, bestiality, ritual and snuff porn.

What some of us now know here in Canada, is that the Canadian government bought all citizens as potential medical guinea pigs when the concept of FREE government-funded, medical services (MEDICARE) was begun in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1962 and then it spread like political wild fire to the rest of Canada’s provinces and territories.

This also meant that the Canadian government (the shadow government really of our Illuminati British Queen and her MI6 who also controls the CIA) also bought the services of all MEDICAL officers and if certain refused to carry out say MKULTRA experiments in the prisons and psychiatric hospital based on their conscience, they were rail-roaded out of their medical professions and in Canada not many M.D.s or psychiatrists became human rights activist heroes because they knew they would likely be found suspiciously dead by their families.

Such was the case here in Saskatchewan with full proof of MKULTRA experiments being run not just on truly psychiatric patients but the innocent normal, in the Weyburn, Saskatchewan area at the Saskatchewan Hospital.

It had a twin mega, psychiatric hospital at North Battleford, Saskatchewan also called for decades in its 100 year history, Saskatchewan Hospital, which is still functional today but it has a very covert history.

Weyburn’s Saskatchewan Hospital’s MKULTRA history in the 1950s and 1960s, was also shrouded in secrecy but they allowed the front history of it being purely a place where the CIA had the British & Canadian psychiatrists and medical researchers having FUN using LSD on themselves, so that they could better understand the schizophrenic minds of their patients since apparently an LSD drug trip was similar to a psychotic’s thoughts.

They also qualified these JUST-LSD-drug-tripping experiments at this Weyburn psychiatric hospital to be helpful in curing alcoholics.

This now appears to be far from the truth and the government is actually psychopathic to date in its efforts to protect from public scrutiny what actually happened in Saskatchewan under MKULTRA and to protect the human-rights-atrocity-committing medical officers involved, as well as protect their current mind control programming op under Monarch.

The above two links cover the same intel, except the bottom one is a pdf file and has an easier font to read from.

So this article floating as almost isolated intel in the cyber sea controlled by DARPA, the CIA and the U.S. military-industrial complex,—provides much enlightenment and the intel matches my intense research for three years (2009 to 2012) on this subject because in 1978 I unwittingly met and married in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan area what appears to be an MKULTRA programming multiple from Alberta who was born in 1952.

Below are found excerpts on this 1990s story of the Bill Gates’ assassination conspiracy where the patsy MKULTRA Delta assassin, was known as C. J. Parker and they named some of his mind control programmers among whom is a now-deceased (2009), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan psychiatrist, Dr. Abram Hoffer.

Dr. Abram Hoffer was a part of the CIA-driven LSD (it was a full MKULTRA op really) experiments in the 1950s at Weyburn’s Saskatchewan Hospital, and then he relocated to Saskatoon where he worked as a psychiatrist and researcher at the University Hospital and then maintained some of his government contracts while going into private practice as a psychiatrist in 1967 the year that Victor Ernest Hoffman, with precision, Delta-assassinated, nine family members (seven were children) at Shell Lake, Saskatchewan.

Dr. Abram Hoffer was one of the EXPERT WITNESSES at Victor Ernest Hoffman’s mini-trial in 1968,—where he appeared to be pushing the jury to accept that Hoffman was insane and not a competent witness nor culpable  for his crimes and that he should not go to prison but be remanded into custody as an inmate at a high-security psychiatric hospital.

The psychiatric research which Dr. Hoffer allegedly ONLY did at this university in Saskatoon, involved orthomolecular medicine which is the dosing of schizophrenics with high doses of Vitamin Bs and C.

However, you as the reader can decide from these excerpts pasted in below, whether this was entirely true.

The Officers of “The Commission For The Study Of Creative Imagination” inquiring into

the Urantia transmissions reads like a Rogue’s List of the Mind Control community,

including none other than the main protagonist behind C.J. Parker’s induction as an

MKULTRA Mind-Control Agent, Dr. Abram Hoffer.

In Parker’s ‘SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!” manuscripts are found a variety of

references to his treatment at the hands of Dr. Hoffer, who, like A.M. Hubbard (aka ‘The

Original Captain Trips’), always managed to “exit stage left” shortly before major

shakeups in the mind control community.

“[Debitor’s Bad Note: If 90% of the events in the Author’s life seem to have somehow

occurred in 1969, this might be the result of the massive electroshock and hypnosis

treatments HeOrSheOrIt underwent under the…care…of an MKULTA physician in

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Abram Hoffer, who undoubtedly appears as only a minor,

peripheral figure, if at all, in most literature on the subject…likely as a result of great care

being taken by shadowy background figures to keep him out of the limelight]”

Parker compares Hoffer’s “exits and entrances” to Dr. Ewen Cameron’s ignoble “final exit”

after MKULTRA’s shit hit the proverbial fan in Canada.

“Of course, Dr. Cameron, who retired to great accolade, recognized as a Titan in

Canadian Medical History, as opposed to being tried by an International Court and

sentenced to be hung, like his predecessors at Dachau, was really only being used as an

expendable shill to take the heat if the shit hit the fan over Rockerfeller Foundation

funded CIA/ Military experiments obliterating the minds of women being treated for such

devastating mental disabilities as ‘menopause’ and ‘post-partum depression.’

“Accordingly, after the shit hit the fan, it was Dr. Cameron who had a ‘heart attack’ and

fell off a cliff while ‘climbing’ , while my physician continued to practice…and

practice…and practice…”

Hoffer himself relates his visit to burgeoning mind control facilities in preparation for

initiating a “program of research into psychiatry” in Saskatchewan.

“The three most memorial visits were with Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis, at the Psychiatric

Institute in New York, Dr. H. Kluver, Culver Hall, University of Chicago, and Dr. Franz

Alexander, at a psychoanalytic institute which he directed.”

And Hoffer further speaks of his association with Aldous Huxley’s personal British

Naval physician, Dr. Humphrey Osmond, and pharmacology parapsychologist Dr. J.

Smythies as being closely followed with the receipt of “a very large grant from the

Rockefeller Foundation” for their LSD experiments on mental patients in Weyburn,


(Blogger’s note: since I was one of the few Canadian bloggers on MKULTRA, victims of this op found me online and one credible witness told me that in the 1950s, this infamous Weyburn Saskatchewan Hospital tapped normal children to program from the nearby town.)

Indeed, Parker’s account of his MKULTRA Controller, Hoffer, being ‘protected’ from

exposure jibes with the opinion of Dr. Colin Ross, who opined that this was the result of

an effort by the Canadian Psychiatric Association to keep a lid on the messy results of

MKULTRA using Canadian facilities to insulate themselves from legal accountability for

undertaking projects forbidden to the CIA in the United States.


 Ryerson CKLN

C.R. Well, the Canadian Psychiatric Association has put out some disinformation that has

been pretty well “bought” by the Canadian public.

That is that Ewen Cameron was just an isolated incident, it happened a long time ago back in the fifties, yes, he had CIA funding, there were sort of different ethical standards back then, we wouldn’t approve it now, it was just a onetime deal but he was such a great man we can overlook it.

Well, that’s not true because that research completely violated the ethical standards of the time, but also it wasn’t an isolated incident.

Abram Hoffer and Humphrey Osmond did a lot of military LSD research in


In regard to Aldous Huxley, another confederate of C.J. Parker’s MKULTRA Mind

Controller, Dr. Hoffer, a review of ‘The Aquarian Conspiracy’ reveals, “The CIA

operation was code named MK-Ultra, its result was not unintentional, and it began in

1952, the year Aldous Huxley returned to the United States.

Osmond was brought in by Allen Dulles to play a prominent role in MK-Ultra.

At the same time, Osmond, Huxley, and the University of Chicago’s Robert Hutchins held a

series of secret planning sessions in 1952 and 1953 for a second, private LSD mescaline

project under Ford Foundation funding.”

It also seems that the C.J. Parker’s participation in the Bill Gates Assassination

Conspiracy was not at all an isolated occurrence in the shadowy world surrounding the

Mind Control/ExtraTerrestrial environment in which Parker had become enmeshed.

t also seems that the C.J. Parker’s participation in the Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy was not at all an isolated occurrence in the shadowy world surrounding the Mind Control/ExtraTerrestrial environment in which Parker had become enmeshed.

A Conspiracy Theory investigation into Timothy McVeigh documents a wide variety of assassination links surrounding Parker’s connections to the CIA’s mind-control programs.

“The preeminent don of the CIA’s psychological warfare program was Dr. Louis Jolyn West.

As part of his MKULTRA experiments, West decided to send an elephant at the Oklahoma City Zoo on an LSD trip.

“A close associate of Drs. Cameron and Gottlieb, West studied the use of drugs as “adjuncts to interpersonal manipulation or assault,” and was among one of the pioneers of remote electronic brain experimentation, including telemetric brain implants on unwitting subjects.

“West’s good friend, Aldous Huxley, suggested that he hypnotize his subjects before administering LSD, in order to give them post-hypnotic suggestions which would orient the drug-induced experience in a ‘desired direction.’

“Interestingly, West was the psychiatrist who examined Jack Ruby, the assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald.

West also examined Sirhan Sirhan, a controlled hypo-patsy who allegedly killed Robert F. Kennedy.

“Currently chairman of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, West headed the American Psychological Association (APA) trauma response team that rushed to Oklahoma City in the wake of the disaster.”

Dr. Abram Hoffer, one of the organizers of the ‘Huxley Institute of Biosocial Research,’ had numerous connections to MKULTRA hypnotists, one of whom, Dr. Sidney Fogel, was selected as C.J. Parker’s chief programmer.

Hoffer and Fogel coauthored a work titled, ‘Changes In Personality by Altering Perception in Post Hypnotic States.’ Hoffer’s chief associate, Dr. Humphrey Osmond, also worked closely with a variety of Dr. Fogel’s associates.

“Osmond left Canada in 1963 and joined a group of researchers at the Princeton Neuropsychiatric Institute. There he worked closely with Dr. Bernard Aaronson, whose studies in hypnosis and altered states of consciousness were funded by the CIA through the Society for the Study of Human Ecology.

Osmond and Aaronson later coauthored a popular anthology called Psychedelics.

Unlike Aaronson, who was unaware of the CIA’s interest in his work, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, another Princeton researcher, had close ties with the CIA.”

What is particularly interesting about the circle of associates of Parker’s MKULTRA

Controller, Dr. Hoffer, is the fact that they invariably had close ties to not only the OSS and CIA, but also to the Canadian, British and American Naval Intelligence agencies.

The presence of Naval Intelligence in Parker’s MKULTRA indoctrination was not lost on

the subject himself,

* To:

* Subject: Canadian Shock Radio – SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!

* From: Linda Reed–PCC West Campus CSC

* Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 00:10:01 MST

* Sender: owner-cypherpunks@Algebra.COM

“Delving into the history of CIA mind-control experiments cleared up a few things that

had been somewhat of a mystery in regard to my medical treatment over the years, such

as how I had ended up being treated with hypnosis and heavy doses of electroshock…and

what the fuck all of those Navy people were doing two thousand miles from the ocean.

“I’m just kidding, of course…

“The fact is, I *already* knew *what* the fuck all of those Navy people were doing in

Saskatchewan. They were there conferring with Dr. Hoffer’s alleged ‘research assistant,’


What I *didn’t* know, at the time, was *why*.

“I was not surprised to recently find out, after a modicum of research, that Ms. MJ

Callbeck left the Navy as a nurse lieutenant, specializing in psychiatric nursing, receiving

most of her postgraduate training at Allan Memorial Hospital in Montreal, from

psychiatrists who were, to put it as delicately as possible…PostWar Refugees From

Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

(With ‘refugee’ apparently being defined as a physician who had

escaped trial and hanging at Nuremburg, as a result of having a wealth of information and

‘practical experience’ in areas that were of interest to American and Canadian intelligence


“Ms. MJ Callbeck became a ‘research nurse’ for a research team formed in Saskatchewan

with huge grant from the CIA’s Canadian funding front, the Rockerfeller Foundation, and

was awarded a training grant to visit two U.S. research units funded by the CIA’s

American funding front, the Human Ecology Foundation, at Tulane University, in New

Orleans, and the Psychiatric Institute in New York.

“After MJ’s return from the HeartOfMentalDarkness of the MKULTRA mind-control

establishments in the U.S., she created a psychiatric researching nursing team to ‘control’ all clinical research for the team, and to ensure that research protocols would be followed.

Ms. MJ Callbeck’s and Dr. Hoffer’s careers were closely intertwined with Dr. Humphrey

Osmond, a British Naval doctor sent to Canada to look after British Naval Intelligence’s

interests in the North American mind-control research arena being fronted by the CIA.”

It is remarkable that Parker seems, as indicated by this and many of his earlier writings,

to have recognized the pervading presence of Navy Intelligence in the background of the

Mind Control community long before even many astute Conspiracy theorists and

researchers began to realize that the CIA was merely, as Parker puts it, a “front” for the

real players behind the scenes.

A ‘Napa Sentinel Mind Control Series’ documented the emergence of the Naval mind control

drug-hypnosis agenda as an outgrowth of the Nazi experiments in this area that

were performed at the Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps.

“At the conclusion of World War Two, American investigators learned that Nazi doctors

at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany had been conducting mind control

experiments on inmates.

They experimented with hypnosis and with the drug mescaline.

“The Dachau mescaline experiments were written up in a lengthy report issued by the

U.S. Naval Technical Mission.

“The Navy initiated Project Chatter in 1947, the same year the Central Intelligence

Agency was formed.

The Chatter format included developing methods for acquiring

information from people against their will.”

And who else should pop up in the woodwork of

And who else should pop up in the woodwork of the Navy’s initial entry into the mind control

arena, according to the ‘Sentinel,’ but Hoffer and Osmond’s associate, Dr. Ewen Cameron.

“The CIA, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps targeted specific groups of

people for experimentation who were not able to resist, prisoners, mental patients,

foreigners, ethnic minorities, sex deviants, the terminally ill, children and U.S. military

personnel and prisoners of war.

They violated the Nuremberg Code for conducting and subsidizing experiments on unwitting citizens.

“Dr. Cameron, a CIA operative, was one of the worst offenders against the Code, yet he

was a member of the Nuremberg Tribunal, with full knowledge of its testimony.”

As a matter of fact, the CIA seems to have originally been created for the express purpose

of bringing thousands of Nazi ‘scientists’ into the U.S. under the cover of the now well documented ‘Operation Paperclip.’

“Much of Dr. Cameron’s work, involved psychiatric techniques designed to modify and control a persons behavior patterns. His work was also derived from experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners in Nazi Germany and brought to the U.S. after World War II by the O.S.S. under “Operation Paper Clip”.

“According to the CIA’s charter Dr. Cameron’s work, especially in creating potential

Manchurian Candidates“, would have violated the ban on domestic CIA operations

within the United States.

With the help of the Canadian government and C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles, who was one of Cameron’s colleagues in the O.S.S., Dr. Cameron relocated his work to the Allen Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, Canada.”

Over and above the bizarre trail of Parker’s previously documented connections, exposed by J.P. Essene at, in regard to the CypherPunks and the Heaven’s Gate, Solar Temple and Koresh cults, are the strange ExtraTerrestrial connections linking his MKULTRA Controllers to Urantia, Atlantis, and the puzzling Galactic Federation of “Star People Mutants,” which “condemned to death” Bill Gates and his “tribe.”

The conviction of C.J. Parker, aka Carl Edward Johnson, as a ‘Lone Gunman’ in the

Conspiracy to Assassinate Bill Gates is not a surprise, given the U.S. Government’s

natural unwillingness to allow evidence of Parker’s background as an MKULTRA

created agent of that same Government to surface during his trial.

But beyond this lies their even stronger reluctance to expose the Paranormal and ExtraTerrestrial associations of a wide variety of individuals connected to Parker within the Mind Control spectrum.

Not only are an assortment of Parker’s MKULTRA connections involved in the Urantia

movement, but likewise Herbert W. Armstrong, whom Essene’s expose revealed to be an

integral part of Parker’s early history, as a member of the ‘World Wide Church of God’ at

the time of Armstrong’s Apocalyptical declaration of the ‘end of the world.’ Martin

Gardner, in ‘URANTIA: The Great Cult Mystery,’ points out, “Herbert Armstrong

dabbled in this kind of Urantian mythology with its Adventist overtones.”

Incredibly, it was only a short time later that the Institute of Applied Metaphysics, again

shortly after Parker’s association with the group, began to unravel under almost identical

circumstances, when Winifred G. Barton, in turn, announced the impending ‘End of the

World,’ and, just as Armstrong had done previously, gave a specific time and date which

later failed to ‘deliver’ the ‘End of the World’ as scheduled.

Barton, unlike Armstrong, was fully cognizant of the “penetration” of Government agents

(in this case from the RCMP and Canadian Secret Service/CSIS) into the BMS/IAM arm of the Galactic Federation, as well as the fearsome presence of the Men In Black, but it

seems that she remained unaware of C.J. Parker’s background as an MKULTRA Mind

Control operative, thus missing an important clue as to the identity of the individuals who

were infiltrating government agents such as Parker into the organization.

In the ‘Circuit 7.10’ section of the Galactic Federation’s ‘ ‘Cosmic Cube Coil 7’ release,

Barton notes that, “Our first visit to ATLANTIS was widely publicised. The subject was raised in the House of Commons and published in Hansard.”

And later, in a February 6, 1998 message posted to the Psychoceramics mailing list by

John Winston, Barton reveals that, “I have had much interference from the MIB who

operate by both legal and physical intimidation.

I lost global schools and everything I had when it was revealed to the Govt. of Canada that I had been to ATLANTIS. It is written into the official historical record Hansard.

Steve Mareno, of Psi Applications has the evidence to verify much of what Anonymous claims.”

This same missive points out that, “Shortly after the revelation of Atlantis our

Accountant/Radio Operator was killed as was his counterpart in another school, and all

the people were dispersed.”

And the GFLF-Database’s Chronological Time Line of Events hosted at the PSI Applications WebSite speaks of “many more deaths” that “strangely occur” with evidence of “foul play” being present.

Though there was no way of knowing it at the time, these were merely the ‘first’ of the

‘Heaven’s Gates’ murders that MKULTRA Mind-Control operative C.J. Parker was to be closely connected to…

Indeed, Adrienne Smith tells us on The Bartonian Metaphysical Societies WebSite

HomePage, “I, (Adrienne Smith) joined The B.M.S. (The Bartonian Metaphysical

Society) in 1964. “Meetings were held at the residence of Dr. Winifred G. Barton, &

Ernest W. Barton. “Property was also bought on Highway 7.

It was called The Madoc Campus, Heaven’s Gate. It handled the Administration of BMS.

“Soon a campus at Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan was bought.”

What RCAF intelligence agent Pierre Lyonnais had in common with MKULTRA Mind-

Control operative C.J. Parker was that they had both been initiated into the Bartonian

Mystery School by Julian and Yvonne Grandbois.

Although Parker had joined the organization in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he had relocated to Gravelbourg as the town’s Recreation Director at the time that the Institute of Applied Metaphysics purchased the former convent that housed the group.

In the end, it seems that another thing that MKULTRA Mind Control operative C.J.

Parker shares with assassins Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, and Timothy McVeigh, besides

the connection to CIA psychiatrists, is the fact that, despite the plethora of evidence

linking him to outside agents and agencies involved in mind-control, murder, and even a

publicly announced “death sentence” for Bill Gates and his associates, the U.S.

Government took total control of the situation and, through a combination of suppression

of evidence and disinformation, turned a wide-ranging Assassination Conspiracy into the

isolated actions of a ‘Lone Gun Man.’

Even more dismaying are indications that previous to the events instigating Parker’s setup

as a patsy for the Assassination Conspiracy against Gates and U.S. Federal Judges, he

made efforts to step outside of the MKULTRA medical spectrum and undertake

treatments to free himself from the clutches of his controllers, only to have his medical

benefactor suddenly subjected to a legal assault by the Canadian Government that would

eventually leave him medically disbarred and imprisoned.

Just two weeks before the Secret Service raid on the residence of James Dalton Bell,

which instigated the Secret Service vendetta against Parker, his doctor, Dr. John

Schneeberger, in Kipling, Saskatchewan, suddenly found himself accused of the sexual molestation of one of his patients, a family member.

Even more dismaying are indications that previous to the events instigating Parker’s set-up as a patsy for the Assassination Conspiracy against Gates and U.S. Federal Judges, he made efforts to step outside of the MKULTRA medical spectrum and undertake treatments to free himself from the clutches of his controllers, only to have his medical benefactor suddenly subjected to a legal assault by the Canadian Government that would eventually leave him medically disbarred and imprisoned.

One week after the instigation of another incident U.S. Government prosecutors would later use as an excuse to imprison Parker, Dr. Schneeberger found himself under a court order to provide DNA samples in regard to a case against him which had long ago been dismissed, only to be resurrected as a result of the accusations arising just before the James Bell arrest.

By the time that Parker, now bereft of the medical benefactor who had aided him in his attempts to escape the clutches of his MKULTRA psychiatric mind-controllers, was poised to be set up as the patsy in the Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy, Dr. Schneeberger was well on his way to being reviled, condemned and imprisoned in his sudden transformation from “model citizen” to “monstrous rapist.”

Cast into the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons system, Parker was denied medication, tortured, isolated in the Springfield prison for the criminally insane, declared ‘competent’ and sent to stand trial, whereupon the court suddenly, in direct violation of established case law, declared him ‘incompetent’ to handle his own defense, and subsequently denied him all of his basic constitutional rights, such as a bail hearing and an opportunity to view and contest the evidence against him, while a court-appointed public defender shill was forced upon him against his will in order to aid the prosecution in suppressing the true facts of the far-reaching Conspiracy for which he was destined to be the sole patsy.

[All of the quotations and facts provided in the above documentation were originally accessed via WebSearches on the InterNet and are thus freely available to anyone who has an interest in verifying their veracity. They existed and were document able at the time of their suppression in the Government’s ‘Lone Gun Man’ trial of C.J. Parker, and are very likely just as document able to this day.

In fact, the above represents only a portion of the easily confirmable evidence, available to anyone who chooses to investigate, of C.J. Parker’s involvement in a bizarre trail of Mind-Control MadNess, Murder and ExtraTerrestrial and Paranormal influences involved in the far-reaching Conspiracy to Assassinate Bill Gates.

Incredibly, after convicting Parker of threatening to Assassinate Bill Gates, the U.S. Government refused his requests to return to Arizona after his release from prison and forced him to relocate to the Western District of Washington, where he landed on Bill Gates’ front doorstep (figuratively speaking) in Redmond, Washington. Does this indicate that Parker’s Controllers have further plans for him?]

[Shortly after Parker’s relocation to the Seattle area, a Federal Prosecutor involved in Parker and Bell’s convictions was found murdered at his home…]


So, let’s go back to the 1967 Shell Lake massacre where 21-old-year farm boy, Victor Ernest Hoffman pulled off a wet job that reviled the cold-blooded efficiency of Delta-assassin programmed killers in Hollywood movies like the Jason Bourne series.

Based on my four years of internet research, the MKULTRA mind control programming op in N.A. was far more sophisticated at some programming sites post-WWII then at others and went beyond, torture and Satanic Ritual Abuse (this was and still is under Monarch are very necessary part since only with SRA abuse can they layer in the demonic personalities in the newly induced MPD) and hypnosis and electro-shock and drugging,—like the MONTAUK project run on Long Island, NY in the 1950s/1960s and now everywhere under DARPA’s direction, which is the harmonics-based Monarch mind control programming where a deprogrammer must access the electronic key unique to each slave’s programming via an implanted MICRO CHIP,—if he wants to help free the mind control slave.

They were actually micro-chipping targeted mind control victims (many were normal children) in N.A. in the 1960s and it apparently also was being experimented on by involved MKULTRA Saskatchewan psychiatrists and medical researchers.

About three weeks ago, an Ontario man phoned me and identified himself has being born in the late 1950s in the Canadian Maritimes into a generational-Satanist family where both his mother and father were perpetrators of SRA abuse vs. their own children and a coven had access to these children for abuse purposes.

This Canadian male told me that he still has micro-chips (plates) under his skin at the back of his skull which ware likely implanted when his parents had him subjected to a routine tonsillectomy.

He told me he was old enough to remember there were at least nine members of the operating team for the removal of his tonsils and he thought one he recognized later as Nazi German MKULTRA M.D. expert, Dr. Josef Mengele who actually did operate intensely as a programmer/teacher in Canada and the U.S. for at least a decade or two, post-WWII.

I am not arguing that Victor Ernest Hoffman did not suffer from some genetic form of paranoid schizophrenia which begun to manifest when he was aged ten but I am arguing that he may have been picked as a type of potential Manchurian Candidate in the spring of 1967 when he was temporarily committed based on his killing lusts (mainly of pets and imaginary demons) to the North Battleford’s Saskatchewan Hospital who would have maintained connections with other Saskatchewan psychiatrists such as Dr. Hoffer.

I think is was altogether possible that those who picked Victor IF THIS HAPPENED thought that they could fracture him into an induced MPD and program him as a Delta assassin under MKULTRA in less than three months.

If he had a micro-chip implanted, this would be a way of planting thoughts into his mind, say the details of a WET JOB that his MKULTRA programmers wanted him to pull off without a hitch.

Even though Victor got caught in the end and was forever banned to a psychiatric hospital—what they learned from programming him, possibly with the help of a micro-chip— could be used by other MKULTRA programmers in N.A. and globally.

Even though Canadian writer, Peter Tadman was allowed by 1991 to write the official story of the 1967 Shell Lake massacre,—he wrote likely unwittingly are very laundered and ignorant version of what truly happened in particular to Victor Ernest Hoffman during his three month stay at North Battleford’s Saskatchewan Hospital in 1967 when three weeks after his release on August 15, 1967 he committed a serial killing.

The best intel into the truth about Victor is found in the above link and here is an excerpt.

When he came home from hospital, Victor knew something was going to happen to him.

 In hospital a patient had told him he was going to commit murder three weeks after being discharged.

 The boy, Victor thought, must have had visions.

 Victor himself had a lot of visions.

 He remembered things happening before they happened.

 It was like reading the future. He sometimes dreamed of killing people, day dreams and night dreams.


Yes, the brilliance of micro-chipping Victor at the hospital was (if this happened),— that his programmers knew that his parents, siblings, relatives and friends knew that Victor had had fantasies of dealing with “talking” demons and angels for years,—so no one would suspect that his mind now was under ELECTRONIC control and so he was really having electronically-induced thoughts and visions.

Was the boy at the hospital who warned him that within three weeks of Victor’s leaving the hospital that he would murder someone,—-was this boy inmate also under electronic mind control?

Victor as an untrained soldier, did a most efficient job as a sharp shooter of massacring nine members of the Peterson family, where 27 of the 28 bullets fired hit their mark and he only missed picking up one of the 28 casings,—otherwise he left the crime scene as clean as a whistle in terms of forensic evidence of his identity as the Delta assassin.

This in my mind for a Saskatchewan farm boy is too clean a WET JOB and only a programmed multiple could be this expert while his front alter remained a hard-working and simple farm boy.

So this is my current warning to the naive Saskatchewan public,—that it ain’t over until it is over.

Currently, in the U.S. there are around 13 MILLION programmed multiples of varying ages where the older ones are MKULTRA and the younger ones are MONARCH and many are sleeper agents with front alters carrying on with normal careers.

Most do not even know they are induced MPDs but they must have a medical handler and their programming must be chronically maintained with hypnosis, drugs, electro-shock and continuing tortures.

That’s why so many seek deprogramming by the age of 30,—even though they don’t know what’s really wrong, they know something is wrong with them.

In Canada, currently there are 1.3 MILLION programmed multiples (MKULTRA and MONARCH), AND hence Saskatchewan per capita as a province may have around 13,000 mind control slaves with many being white collar professionals and often they are sleeper agents which can be triggered as Victor Ernest Hoffman was, I believe,— to do that wet job in 1967.

Victor is not alone.


5 thoughts on “Deceased Saskatoon Psychiatrist, MKULTRA Programmer of Delta Assassins?

  1. My brother in law insists that he has 2 micro chips inside him and that his mom has something to do with it. He actually grew up not far from the farm Victor Hoffman grew up in. He started saying this when he was about 19 and now he is 23. He has been in the Dube centre multiple times in the past 4 years.

    My mom is 62. She grew up both in B.C. And west central Saskatchewan (travelled back and forth). From what I’ve read, I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened to her as a child…

  2. I live in the usa and I found this website very informative. Thank you for spending hours if not years on all the research.
    I have not only come to realize that I have been implanted, but have also been polluted with beta programming. Is there anything or anyone who can offer “slaves” deprogramming . I’m trying to move away, but have been told that won’t help. Any suggestions would be helpful

  3. we are looking for new recruit’s to spread the enlightenment of our organization. we do not represent evil nor do we worship devil. we do not advocate violence or harm against anyone.the Illuminati it a group of enlightened individuals whose focus is to spread truth, knowledge and enlightenment. we advocate peace and only exits for the betterment of mankind.we do not promise you riches or however we can advise you on how to obtain these things only if you truly desire them.if you TRULY seek to become member of the Illuminati then please follow the simple steps below for consideration into our organization. email us via

  4. Hi.
    Thanks for this, Sana v’Ritzvah at

    I am in the exact midst of a major international MK Ultra Law Case, being Litigated by myself, Pro Se, after studying Law for a decade. The Case
    is already won through Recognition by the Florida Department of State with an Official raised seal letter from the Secretary of State’s Office in Florida.
    I can use this win to assist other victims.
    The United States Federal Department of State has also been alerted of the case, sent actual apology and has consented to a Lawful Public Name Change as part of my case.

    in 1966 the catholic Charities smuggled myself, as infant, into a MK Ultra handler “family” The Hallers of New Jersey. Without going into the typical experiences of a victim I never succumbed, I have been asked to join one or another shadowy force three times and thrice refused.
    In August of 2015 I sent out my Common Law Case and Declaration of Release from MK Ultra. Although recognized the satellite remote torture and gang stalking continue.

    Theoretically any Judge who sees my 75-page Testimony could not help but side with me, it cannot be frivolous if I have the Florida Secretary of State’s signature!
    Let me email you. I have also recently found an interesting movement called MK Ultra Gate hoping to bring justice lawfully as well.

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